In our store an appointment guarantees you a fitting area and a stylist who will be available to assist you when you arrive. We are a smaller, intimate boutique and
space is limited. If you choose to walk in, we may not have the staff available to help you try on dresses and we don’t want to disappoint you. We want to give
you the service and the experience you deserve! Please call us at 909-335-1789 to see if any same day appointments are available.

We currently offer two appointment types to try on gowns. A premium 90 minute shopping experience with up to 4 guests in our larger bridal fitting area. And,
a 45 minute appointment, in a smaller, yet comfortable fitting area with a maximum of two guests. Both appointments come with a knowledgeable stylist
ready to help you find your perfect dress! Check out our appointment page for all the details!

Although it seems fun to bring a large entourage, we've found this can bring a lot of stress and unwanted emotions to our brides. We highly recommend you bring
a smaller group of trusted family and/or friends whose opinions matter most to you. We also see that many brides find their gown on their first appointment with us so make sure to bring everyone who is important with you or have face-time ready, so you can say yes with confidence!

Really, just you and an open mind. If you would like to bring some photos on your phone to share with your stylist, any inspirations or thoughts about what
your dream is, your stylist will be ready to listen and help you on your wedding dress journey. Again, saying yes on the first appointment happens often! Don’t
be surprised when you find yourself saying yes to your perfect dress. It’s what we do!
Also, most gowns have shapewear, boning or built in bras in them. Wear undergarments that are comfortable for you to have a pleasant experience

What is it I really want to accomplish at my appointment?
How much do gowns really cost?
How much do I really want to spend and who’s paying for my gown?
Who do I really need at my appointment in order to say yes comfortably?

Our special order gowns start around $900.00 and go to about $2500.00 Most gowns are in the $1300-1800.00 range. We generally take a deposit on a special order and the balance is due upon gown pick up. This makes it much easier to purchase a gown with our boutique. While many brides pay for their own gowns, oftentimes family and friends help too. Payment can be divided in
separate transactions to make life just a little easier! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Cash.

Special Order Gowns are gowns we order from the designer that can take anywhere from 4-6 months to come in. Depending on the designer
and if it is wedding season or not sometimes the dresses do come in sooner (but do not count on this). We also have some designers who
carry Priority Gowns, so if your wedding is soon come in and see what we can do.

Yes, you can. Oftentimes we have brides who cannot, due to time constraints, order a gown, so a sample gown off the rack sale is a perfect option.

Most sample gowns to try on are sizes 10-16. Bridal runs small so we try to have a variety of sizes available in most silhouettes. When we order your gown, we
measure you and order as close to your size as we can based on the manufacturer's size charts.

Yes we do! We have a nice selection of plus size gowns for our brides to try on. And, all of our gowns can be ordered in plus sizes.

No. Due to insurance reasons and state law, we cannot allow any alcohol to be brought into our boutique.